What can you connect to iOS13?


What devices can be connected to iPhone running iOS13?

Very exciting and interesting experiment with iPhone 7 running iOS13. There are many USB devices can be connected to iPhone 7 with iOS13, including external HDD, ethernet adapter, and mouse etc. Hope this video is helpful to you guys who is wondering the same.

Products appeared in the video:
Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse:
Anker PowerCore powerbank:
CSL – USB 3.0 to RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter:
Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod:
Orico USB3.0 hub:
iDsonix USB3.0 SATA docking:
Apple lightning usb adaptor:
Hama multi card reader:
PCIe SSD adapter:

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  1. Hi Guys, there is an in-depth video to explain the power output on this Lightning to USB3.0 adapter. Please check it out: https://youtu.be/GbJGEvE3j-E 🙏

  2. Just wanted to tell you that Jesus Christ loves you so very very much even if you don’t believe it and have a good day <3

  3. Thanhs for the info! I wished you to open some of the files that were shown on the usb drvive, the cd room and the others.

  4. Pretty interesting video! (It would be easier to see what’s happening on the phone if you used the screen record option)

  5. What kind of transfer speed can you achieve between 2 connected devices on the hub? Usb drive to hard drive?

  6. Táo zǎo ān
    I would like to see you connect the MIC that you have on your shirt connected to the iPhone.
    I do not mean just connect the MIC, I mean connect the receiver to the iPhone

  7. Is it possible to connect 3.mm headset to iphone 7 . Headset with microphone using 2 3.5mm jack> splitter jack with 2 female 3.5mm jack (audio/ mic) ending with a male 3.5mm jack > 3.5mm jack to lightning cable?

  8. I can not connect and iPhone with my iPad Pro. I used usb c to usb c adaptador which has usb A vga and usb c… I connect my iPhone XS Max to the connector and it didn’t work

  9. Loved your no bullshit Techie – to – Techie content. Kudos. PS: Did you try connecting a monitor with it and create a desktop out of it (like Ubuntu One)? Edit : Saw your combination video 🙁 Hard luck!

  10. Pity, doesn't work on iphone SE ios 12.4. Is there perhaps an cydia tweak to find, would be great, for me is it now bad luck because I can not upgrade at this moment because then I lost the jailbreak.

  11. I got some feedback/questions
    So for the Seagate HDD, if you don’t use the hub and directly connect it to the apple dongle will it work? If not what if you use a quick charger or iPad charger that uses more amps/watts, will the result be different?
    Basically what I’m trying to achieve is an iPhone/(iPad) connected to a HDD with a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and maybe a Bluetooth mouse. I’d like it too be mobile, so I’m not willing to use a powered usb hub.
    Any suggestions you guys?

  12. What is the name of lightning to usb 3 adapter name? I want to buy it online… how can i buy the right product?

  13. Thanks for this video. I ordered the adaptor and soon I will try it out.
    Is there any cheap way to mirror my iphone on a PC screen?

  14. I'm not tech savvy but found that the way you did you video helped me . I'm just trying to cast zoom meets to my tv could you show me what I need to set it up . Please and thank you

  15. Great video I must say. As an extremely late iPhone owner (last Friday iPhone se 2) lol. This feature is something I’m surprised they didn’t have until now. How was there no one going nuts over not being able to at least hook up a sd card reader.

  16. Hi, just curious that when 3.5 inch HDD is powered externally, can we remove lightening charging source added to the phone via camera adapter?

  17. Hi, I was wondering if a wireless 2.4ghz headset can connect to an iPhone with iOS 13 by plugging the dongle of he headset into the USB port?


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