Use Kismet to Find & Monitor Nearby Wi-Fi Devices [Tutorial]


How to Watch Wi-Fi User Activity Through Walls
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 002

Kismet can detect any nearby devices that use Wi-Fi, whether they are connected or not. This ability lets us scan the nearby area for both APs and client devices, and even watch small details about when a device or connection is in use. With this data, we can tell when people are home, what devices they own, and when they are using them.

You can grab a Panda PAU05 like we use in the video here:

For dual-band monitoring (meaning 2.5 and 5 GHz), you can check out the PAU09 here:

To learn more, check out the article at:

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  1. I lost my iphone in my house. Been looking for it for 4 days and i cant find it. I saw a post that a person used kimset to find his phone walking around the house and looking at the dBm. Is this possible? Should i try this?

  2. Hey i have another doubt why do u want to use an external wireless adapter to monitor . Cant u use the built in network interface in your Mac to do the job . Pardon me if this is a stupid question . Im a beginner

  3. When I do kismet on kali as I am working on kali,it opens kismet localhost in browser,not in terminal like you.Is it a problem if I use kali or should I use Parrot OS?

  4. i install kali linux on my windows 10..when i install full kali tools after that when he reach the kismet installation he as for list…what is the mean of this…

  5. great video!.. would it be possible to use this with a weak antenna to only log people passing by a property? as vandals are damaging my house and I want to be able to give something to the police (mac address, mobile device imei number etc? any tips /tools for this would be much appreciated.

  6. Please check my blog and comment me what i have to improve….im in biggining phase my blog website is thank you

  7. would the PAU07 n600 work? I bought it a while ago and I haven't had much success.

  8. Upon launching Kismet, all the data is streamed through the terminal with a link available to view the data in a browser page. Is there any way to configure Kismet to view the data as shown in the video rather than running a web browser to view it? Thank you for the great content!

  9. I'm using OpenWRT.
    kismet is breakdown into – kismet-client – kismet-drone – kismet-server
    kismet-sever gives the disconnected Devices(mobiles etc) ??
    please make a tut on OpenWRT and kismet how can we get disconnected devices macs from router Thanks

  10. It doesn’t let me scroll over the name so I can’t see the clients connected. Enabling all preferences didn’t work. I tried plugging in another keyboard too.

  11. you must be the only or one of the only persons on youtube who 1 explain what you are doing and 2 ACTUALLY MAKING it work. This ofcourse was pretty basic, but you do it with all of the video i have seen.
    kudos for that sir

  12. The new version got stuck on a lot of dependencies When try to install Kismet and I Try to install them but i keep stuck with the line "make" and get "No rule to make target"
    Any suggestion ????
    Thank you Null

  13. So here's a question.

    By doing the monitoring of the network probes around you, would this set off any alarms by monitoring?

  14. NullByte great video. I noticed you were using parrot os. Could you make a video on how to install parrot os 4.x on virtual box with Ubuntu as the host.


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