Trying a Touch Pen on osu!lazer | SonarPen


SonarPen is a really interesting touch pen for phones or tablets. It has pen pressure, and it works on both android and iOS. Let’s try it on osu! (lol) and maybe draw a little.

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Ending Song | Omoi – Teo (8-bit remix by Kooleyy)
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  1. Jolene is one of those people that ask their parents to buy a tablet to play osu and draw with it. But actually draws with it

  2. how do you enable virtual touch buttons on the side on OPSU ans OSU lazer? I've got a Note10+ and want to use its stylus and use virtual tap buttons on the side

  3. I just scroll down to the comment part to see if someone care about the wallpaper of bloom into you though (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ

  4. the apple pencil price here is 100€ and it makes me die
    i have an apple pencil and
    its absolute shit

  5. "Osu!Droid, probably the hardest to play out of all of them"
    Me: Getting A on !Droid but a D on opsu and failed on !Lazer while playing the same map
    Also me: Tha hell?

  6. 6:09 osu droid is quite easy honestly, you just don't play it like that xD. You have to tap with the pen/finger and use your other hand for kicksliders (optionally) or streaming this is like the "stock" way of playing it per say

  7. I mean yeah of course we expect it to shoot lasers. Like honestly now there’s a reason why they’re trying to make

    o s u ! L a z e r

    Edit: shit I spelt osu!lazer wrong


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