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Are you ready to laugh? Learn English with Friends! This is a famous scene where Monica and Rachel bet the apartment on a game to see which of the Friends knows the other best. Who will win? Watch and find out!

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  1. Are you a FRIENDS fan? Wanna learn English laughing and LOVING your favorite TV Show? http://bit.ly/2GMEzhC

  2. I like this way to learn english . It is fun. You can smile and relax and the same time you learn pronunciation, speaking and the vocabulary. Thank you

  3. Dude, you just try too much. You don't teach English, you try to teach life. I'm sure that every living person watching this video knows what tictac is. Or even number…

  4. Actually, I have not seen a TV game show since last year. Although, I would like to enjoy with one. Can someone recommend me ones?

  5. Thank u so so so so much 💖💝 You aro so adorable and I really appreciate you!
    Wish you all the best 👏😘💞

  6. I've just started watching your videos…. These are just hilarious… Never found this much helpful content on youtube… Take Love..❤️

  7. Yes,I do.In my country there is very good game show on TV named – ,,Поле Чудес” In this TV show people have to guess the word to a given riddle.

  8. I would generally consider my English not to be very bad. I study the language and have been studying at a boarding school for a certain time. Now I have to say that when I examine your language skills, I see that you think in the language, have totally taken it and subconsciously use it. I would love to get to that point. My English meets the standards of C1 with a tendency towards C2. To gain more fluidity and confidence with the language I would very much like to ask for your advice. Perhaps you can reflect on what has helped you and help you to use English at the level of speaking and writing. Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

  9. How didn't I find this channel before? Omg. Awesomeeee! thank u so much for keeping doing this work, you help me pretty much!

  10. I really appreciate your lovely effort.you are helping a lot.learning English by having fun….you know what to do .

  11. You have been doing a great job on your youbtube channel. It' s very cool learning english with this method. Thanks a lot from Brazil!

  12. thaaaank you so much!!! I can't even verablize how useful, fantastic job you are doing. I have been learning Engish for so many years but there have been always some hindering parts, points which I couldn't get over, e.g.: slang and other native speaking that aren't taught at schools. I do think your channel will help me regarding these. 🙂 Thank you again, keep up the good work!

  13. It's helping a lot with my english. Today I started to learn, of course I had the base but I stopped and now I'm back to the game ( I guess lol)

  14. It is so great, but while I'm not so good in English and you speak English.But your explation is excellent.


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