The Darkest side of the Overlord Lore… (WARNING!) Dark Topic


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  1. According to Namu Wiki (A S. Korean Wiki site, originally based on Rigveda wiki which was mostly about Japanese Subculture) entry of overlord series, the author (Maruyama) once said in his blog that he wrote the novel as he felt annoyed to see that every act of protagonist is (morally) justified – even when he messes around and tramples inhabitants of ISEKAI (another world, different world) as he pleases – in so many ISEKAI web novels or LNs. That is one of the reasons he wrote it.

    The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc may not be the most exciting, or the most entertaining part of the series. But If I'm asked which is the best-written arc in regards to the above-mentioned Maruyama's intention, that is, "Don't make lame excuses and try to justify it when the protagonist goes evil", then I'd say it is definitely Volume 7. It's not to say Ainz is usually nice. Throughout the entire series, there are many cases in which he goes evil beyond doubt, but Volume 7 stands out in that brutal devastation and tortures by Nazarick is mostly depicted from the victims' point of view, so the reader can experience much more easily and vividly what it is like to be a victim of evil Ainz. It's why I think volume 7 (along with The Lizard Man Heroes Arc) is what makes Overlord series be a top-notch Anti-hero Isekai Web novel.

  2. Easy solution Let Ains know what the parents did and even though he isn't all that human anymore I'm pretty sure he will be quite upset about that and make them pay!

  3. Well you got always to consider basically the whole guild had some kind of hate for humans and the world (not all but the majority) .

    Also seen from a roleplay perspective they rather played the bad guys

  4. This is still nothing. Web novel is much much darker…but at least it have happy ending. Simplified a lot: Arche live got spared, but became Shalltears pet. She got physicly and mentaly broken to the point she was litteraly acting like well trained dog…she even got a tail. Happy ending in all of this is after some time (around a year) Ainz needed inside info on Empire, and got it from Arche. Some time later he bought/rescued her little sisters. As a reward for helping with Empire he granted all 3 of them freedom. Kinda, cuz they couldn't leave 6th floor of Nazarick, but were treated good from that point onward.

  5. Nah its great Arche getting her skin taken off flesh and vocal voice organs being put to use. 2 twin childrens getting sold to slavery and died its not dark :v its not….

  6. When I heard of the twins fate I had two thoughts
    1.I would have loved to purchase them.
    2.Where the hell did my humanity go🤷‍♂

  7. This is seriously dark and just out of curiosity please comment how far into the video you got before you had to stop i stopped as soon as he said they died of exhaustion

  8. What happened to Arche in the webnovel is different because the author got pressured by the fans to write her a happy end. There she got raped by Shelltear and her mind was broken. But in the end she was allowed to live in Nazarick with her sisters. The author hated this happy end so I think he decided to go extreme in the light novel. The result is this extremely dark and depressing storyline.

  9. While i think its needed to have some happy fntasy their is a very importantq place for fantasy that shows how horible the world is and has been.

    i write for a hobby nit good at it but this kind of work is what i inspire to, creating so thing real a world thats gritty has comsequences we rarly see. Good and bad isnt so black and white every act we make has negative imoacts on somone seeing that materialise.

  10. It’s probably good he left it out like that is like what they do with movies that have directors cuts that have stuff they cut out of the official release that have things that would be too graphic to show to most people to avoid being slapped with the dread and shameful “NC-17” rating. So in this case the full version of the anime would blatantly tell us what happened vs the official release that insinuates what happened.

  11. I might be a psychopath. Yeah… It’s pretty messed up. Sold by your parents as child sex slaves. But the author could probably think of something much worst. I don’t know how, but it’s certainly a possibility. I think I’ve watched one too many hentais, now this shit doesn’t even phase me. That’s the sort of mentality I have while watching Overlord. I expect fucked up shit to happen. Hell, I wish more fucked up shit would happen. It’s such an interesting take on the isekai genre, rather than the harem fantasies that we would get every season (nothing wrong with those, just that there are too many of them)

  12. You are to naive. That hapens in this world right now. Slavery, abuse among races, or even the use respectful on the prey, ask any hunter. This is how the world of men are. You like it or not.

  13. Wait wait wait a second, correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it Arche that become Shalltear's Sex toy and not the two younger sisters ?!? From what I recalled from reading the actual act from the web novel were Ainz Spared Arche's life by making her a "pet" for Shall Tear instead of death that was the "Mercy" Ainz gave to Arche. Archer was than subjected in wearing a dollar Cat ears and a tail ( use your imagination as to how that that was placed) Shalltear than tortured Arche from extreme sexual abuse and violence on a psychological level to a point a where become an obedient slave to Shalltear even to a point where Arche concently ask Ainz for ShallTear to take her virginity after months of abuse from Shalltear, Ainz rewarded her by having the two young sisters by allowed live in a log cabin in the 6th floor of the guardians. That was the version i remembered reading from the online web novel.


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