The Best Forgotten Stabilizer — DJI Osmo Plus — The Review [4K]


DJI Store: — DJI Osmo Plus, the best stabilizer I’ve ever used. So far the clear winner of my Rocky Test. A great product that almost no one realizes it exists.

Why Norway is full of Teslas by Johnny Harris of VOX: (Shot with Osmo+)
digiDIRECT — Osmo+ Review:

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  1. I have the Osmo Plus and I shoot music videos with it, I guess the only real prioblem I see is the Osmo does not shoot well in low light, you really have to stretch the settings to get a nice shot. For me its a great camera that requires lighting thats all (=

  2. In 2019,
    Can this thing fight to gopro 7 black, dji osmo pocket and dji osmo action ?

    Which one is better ?

  3. I'm considering getting the Osmo+ refurbished, but since then the pocket came out. I'm still interested in the Osmo+ because the video specs look the same as the pocket, but crib and expert point of view have you compared the two?
    I like the ability of being able to replace batteries in the Osmo+ vs the pocket.
    Can you do a full comparison?

  4. Ugh because of you I bought my mavic pro and now because of you I bought my lady the osmo plus to go along with her a6500… U don't play fair dude… But I do love em all… Oh yea and my lady too 😁💞😍

  5. Do you think it is still a good device today (it was release 2 year ago)? I was thinking in get this product or get the osmo Mobile 2 + gopro hero 6 + adapter. What do you think is best? I read a lot and I know some pros and cons (go pro is waterproof, osmo has zoom, etc). But which one has better image? Considering I will use it to self photos and videos on trips alone.

  6. It's quite nicely built too, accidentally left it out filming a timelapse in the rain and it survived. It was pouring and covered.

  7. I have had one since its release and have used it very often both for personal use and business. Most people have complained about its start up connectivity but seriously it takes me less than 30 seconds to have it on, connected and recording which is much faster than balancing another gimbal. I run mine with the rode videomicro so excellent audio. Only downside I have had is low light capability because of the small 1/2.3 sensor. If DJI came out with a new version containing the 1" sensor out of the Phantom 4 pro then it would seriously be a perfect all around camera for indoor and out. Awesome review video as always!

  8. Very nice video. Found this searching for good examples of Osmo+ footage. Was this filmed in D-log and color-graded in post?Keep up the Great work! Love your channel. Sub'd

  9. İphonedocum Bir şey tanıtmayı unutmuşsun osmo mobile gibi birini odakladığında onu takipe alıyormu bu ?

  10. did you no you can still film with the osmo only,  IF your phone die , just point and shoot with no phone and it gone a record on is micro sd , just try no phone just the Osmo and see the results on the Micro Sd

  11. Great review! Thanks to your Great review video, I just picked my Osmo+ up today! First time discovering & watching your channel. Very entertaining. I look forward to watching more!

  12. cool review!!
    here is my test footage using osmo+ about 8 month ago but published 3 month ago.


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