The 7 BEST TV Series To Learn English


I’m sharing our list of the 7 Best TV Series to Learn English. At Learn English with TV Series we are experts about TV shows, so these are some of the best recommendations. — FREE English Class, get our 3-Part Mini Course:

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Why Can’t You Understand Native Speakers? (+Tips for Learning English with TV Series):

Why Friends is the Best TV series:

Learn English with Seinfeld:

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  1. It's very good to see you are doing your job so passionately ,the way you teach is extremely outstanding.i think spending money on online paid course I would recommend everyone to subscribe your channel.
    Thanks ….

  2. Hey Ethan, what do you think about ‘Everybody hates Chris’ ?is it a good tv series to learn English? Thanks in advance!

  3. Informative and useful video
    Thanku Mr Ethan
    My fav show is friends I binge watch every day and even watch reruns of it

  4. I love orange is the new Black! And it’s ONLY because the artist who sings “ lost on you “ has a song on that soundtrack.

  5. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    I got such positive feedback about the film
    0:57 💜🧡🔥

  6. Ethan sir, i am an English learner from india. You are awesome… Thank you for your recommendation ❤😍😍

  7. Thank you Ethan For series recommendations ! the way you speak is fantastic , it is very clear to understand 👌🏽
    My lately addiction is Misfits ☠️ Give a try absolutely if you haven’t seen it

  8. 1. Friends
    2. The big bang theory
    3. Modern family
    4. How I met your mother
    5. Breaking bad
    6. Seinfeld
    7. Stranger things.

  9. Just curious….why do 95% of all YouTubers insist on "jumping into" their content?? Even those teaching English!! Why not just "start" or "begin"?
    Is it a rule that You Tube has for channel owners to follow? Weird rubric, eh? 🤪😬

  10. As per my practical experience I would also recommend the "Harry Potter" series. My daughter's English (as a second language) developed perfect once she was a child just by watching the "Harry Potter" series and reading their books. She was never to any English class. She simply learnt it in Tehran, Iran. Of course later she also followed "Friends" after "Harry Potter".

  11. Can you also suggest British series because I am learning British accent and I feel difficulties to understand British English. Thank you

  12. I love the big bang theory series, but as a foreign student, i dont think it is one of the best TV series to learn English especially English that we would use everyday.

  13. Friends (Netflix)
    Big bang theory
    Modern Family (Netflix)
    How I met your mother (Netflix)
    Breaking bad (Netflix)
    Stranger things (Netflix)

  14. My favorites were: Seinfeld, Friends, Married with children, Martin, The fresh prince, The nanny, Alf & Cheers.
    Now I only watch procedural series like CSI, Criminal minds, House MD, The mentalist.


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