Super Mario Bros fully recreated in Super Mario 64 (Release & Download)


Replay the NES classic on your Nintendo 64!
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Trailer by Thestickman391:
credit to larryinc64 for the song:
credit to swifty, h4v0c, ninjapro and zeror for some of the modelling and to marshi for the waluigi and wario model. cjes did luigi.



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  1. Hey, so I was playing this rom hack but if i touch the star at the end of 1-1, the game freezes. Please help.

  2. I tried patching the original rom even the One suggested from you in another video and trying to run on real n64 using everdrive 64 x7 (the latest one) but i got a Black screen or blue screen . I tried slot of your Mario patches and no One seems work. The only i got running was the Zelda game patch . But i like to use all the Mario hacks you made It. What is wrong with me? My n64 is Japanese First model. Maybe is problem because at moment i dont have a rumble pack in My controller? I dont remember if Rumble had Memory expansion. I noticed that also other hack i found ready on tosec collection of n64 have problem. Other mario hack i found they start but when you choose the file Save the screen freeze on White. Can you explain me what i wrong? Thanks. ( PS i tried using even flips and web patcher page but same result). Thanks For reply

  3. It’s pretty interesting. Kinda satisfying to use these controls in this world(s). But there are some forward and back 3D elements left in that kind of make it difficult. Like if you are turning around and kick or crouch. The character will end up facing forward or back (depending on which way you’re turning) which doesn’t help anything. But still very cool. I like it. Probably will play it with my friend.

  4. Why are my textures not working? Im on mobile and while the patch is good, wario and waluigi are just black silhouettes, if someone knows how to fix this please comment

  5. The cheep cheep levels I can't bet it the hitbox is to big and they are so freaking big and to FAST FIX THAT OK


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