Skype Windows 10 App Store (NEW Version) 2018 Tutorial


How to use Skype (Latest Version Windows app store)
finally the latest version of skype. (Microsoft keeps changing it up 🙁

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  1. skype is linked with Outlook and these assholes will not let you unlink it. If you remove skype you loose all your hotmail stuff. Skype is an asshole company . Do not install this garbage. It is looking at your hotmail.

  2. Matter fact you are . So busy holding hand on side. I dont have to complain or write a letter. Using a movie coming to america

  3. I was fine by myself and what is it to visit and continue there bullshit. I have to return to work. Are you touchingl.

  4. Bring back old Skype. I need old options from old skype like more than one contact list……….. That future is simple future

  5. in the oldest version i was able to adjust the size of the font by going to advanced setting….this new version does not have advance settings

  6. with all skype updates does any sign you in by themselves or nope cause i dont want it signing in everytime i turn laptop on

  7. Hmm i also hate the new version but im happy that they changed the ring because when i was younger i had skype on my pc and my litlle brother was playing on the computer and randomly my friend called me to play with him and when he called me my lil brother scared that much that he cried and from that moment he puts himself on invisible and now im using discord

  8. I haven't watched the whole video yet so I don't know if this question is answered but is there a way to Push to Talk?

  9. How can I open two messages sent by two different people? I could do that in the previous version but can't now. Where is the Mood message I can't find it.

  10. I also have this latest version , what would be helpful is if you showed viewers how to remove a message from a conversation ! as the latest version allows you to go back months in chat history and remove a message ! this was NOT available on older versions of Skype.



  12. Totally agree this new version is CRAP. Watched your helpful you tube. All very easy. However my siblings and i have major problems have a a three way video call. Sounds cut out and sometimes we see each other and other times only two of us. how do we fix this?
    Given its the default version on Windows 10, how can we delete and go back to previous version?


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