Skype for MacBook – Download, Install & Settings


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In this video I show you how to download and install Skype for the MacBook. I also cover some of the basic settings so you can make sure that your audio and iSight camera are working once you install Skype. Before downloading Skype you will need to sign up for an account and login, then you will be able to download Skype. If this video helped you out then please post a “Thank You” note to my friend Baer who currently lives and works in Thailand and requested this video.


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  1. Thank you for the assistance! I have just recently switched to Mac. I would double click Skype and it would just mount it and i'd have to keep doing so, I did not know I had to drag it to Applications lol.

  2. Thank you very much. I am a senior citizen and was pretty lost about how to do this Skype thing. You spoke in a manner that was very easy to follow.

  3. Thank you for the video. When you use skype to speak with someone, your video will show up in "picture-in-picture" at the bottom right. My question is: Any way to increase the size of my video screen?

  4. T-H-A-N-K-S ! I am total newbie to Mac and especially Skype. Your step-by-step approach has allowed me to make Skype calls to my 96 year old father in another country. We were both thrilled to have a video chats together. Thanks so much for that !

  5. i just got my macbook pro yesterday. Thank you soo much, because i do not know how to download stuff on any kind of apple computer. know i know

  6. Okay soooo I've been using skype for years on a dell and switched over to a mac and skyped with a friend and they said they can see me but I could't see myself personally. I wanna know how to fix that?

  7. Hey frank, great job. it worked but sometimes my video just doesn't work at all.. it keeps loading and never turns on. several days now

  8. I did everything you said, but every times I try to use SKYPE I get the message not online—–but I am online.

  9. you go to the top were it says file they at the bottom of it, it says sign out them you just click that

  10. @ordinarygirl99 you click file then there should be an option to delete contacts.
    for deleting a contact, you click on the contact that you want to delete,
    then on the top it will say contacts, then there will be an option to delete
    a contact.

  11. do you know how to log out? i tried to find it, but never found it. PLEASSE HELP thank you. and i also wanna know how to delete contact.

  12. O my!! Lol I'm so retarded I got a MacBook pro today and forgot how to download Skype uhh yea then I remebener u go to safari type in Skype and download it!!!

  13. Hey mate, Having an issue. I'm downloading it, and it just keeps failing on several occasions. No clue what's the deal.

  14. Great job Frank.Detail is key when providing a quality what I call a ( Infovideo) such as yours. keep up the good work


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