Paint tool Sai 2.0 How to download for free [2020]


Hello there! This is a Quick and EASY tutorial on how to install Paint tool Sai 2.0 Full version , if you have any questions or problems please leave a comment down below~

Reminder: This might not work for other people due to some computer problems ( Including: Insufficient memory, not compatible, crashing problems, windows version etc.)

!! If the new version doesn’t work get the old one they are just the same !!

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Thank you!!!

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======SAI Download List======

(Choose depending on your program Files)

OLD Version
Download links:
(if 64-bit didn’t work, install 32-bit instead)

!! SAI 2.0 doesn’t work for you? Get the First version instead !!

====Original SAI Download====

PS: The Blur tool isn’t Included in the app, you must create your own brush.
(For More Brushes Visit artists in Deviant Art)

This video is for educational purpose only, I recommend you to buy Paint tool Sai to support the people who worked hard for the program…



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  1. Thanks bunches! Took me a bit to figure some logistical things out because this was a bit of an older video, but it worked nonetheless! =) 💖

  2. It works well bro. Thank you so much. My friend gimme recommend this software. Thank you so so so much. Hehe two thumbs up for you

  3. Yay!!! It took me 1 hour to find what to download first i downloaded the x64 bit. Nothing. Then the casual 64 bit nothing either. BUT NOW FINALLY 😭 I DOWNLOADED THE 32 BIT AND WAS A SUCCESS THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE A GENIUS

  4. i have an issue where the dot cursor doesnt align with my mouse cursor when im using any of the files for sai, any help?

  5. A half year ago I installed it and it worked pretty good but then all the pictures were gone. I still have them on my laptop but in the programm there were no pictures. Even after I reinstalled it. 🙁

  6. This tutorial works very well! But I'm having a small problem..

    Whenever I use my Active Stylus on the newer application, the pressure sensitivity won't work. Is there any way to fix this?

  7. Is it suppose to say "" in the top left corner? Does that mean you don't have the full version?

  8. i have some problems, there are a bunch of stuff that i cant find.. like im having trouble installing brushes cause i cant find brushform.conf and when i go to SYSTEMAX software development folder in documents, there's only SAI2 Demo file.. am i the only one?? but thank u anyway for sharing this video it helps a lot 😄

  9. oh my gosh, i am an experienced artist and i am soo grateful, thank you so much, this helped me improve a lot, thank you soooooo much this was very helpful

  10. Its safe thanks for this during quarantine

  11. it does not work for me. I did everything as you showed. But when I open it it can't do anything not even open new files and then it cannot be closed. I have to restart my whole pc in order to close it. Can you give me advice for that?

  12. Hello to everyone!

    if this is your first time doing something like this, don't worry! this was also my first time and I can assure you that everything is safe, working and has no viruses !! You can trust this angle!

  13. Hey guys, can someone help me It just doesn't work for me I tried the x86 and x64 vers. I can't ceate any new project or anything


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