Owl carousel – How to make a responsive slider with Owl Carousel – 2018


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To make a slider with owl carousel you have to download the files from owl carousel slider. And the link given in the bellow. Then download the files and extract the file. And you will get a folder from here go to this folder. And then go to dist folder then you will get owl.carousel.min.js and take it to your folder where you make your slider. Then go to asset and grab the 2 css files from here. owl.carousel.min.css and owl.carousel.theme.min.css. Now you can start your work . Now come back to the webite of owl acrosue and go to demo and go to basic to make a slider .

Multiple Slider by Owl carousel in a single page of website – very easy way – 2018:

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  1. this is not working not even 1 ,2, 3 are showing i think the class "item" is not there in owl carousel now

  2. Cool video man. Thanks a lot for the walkthrough! I'm using slick slider right now for this carousel (bottom of page) https://wordpress-324331-1192232.cloudwaysapps.com/. But once you loop, you'll notice the jump in glitch. It has to do because I added CSS to the center item and once it loops back, it resets to normal for a second and then adds my additional CSS. Do you know if Owl Carousel would solve this problem? I know you must be really busy but any response is appreciated!

  3. Thanks 🙏 for the video
    But my owl carousel doesn’t shows whatever videos but images!!
    Can I get some help here guys?

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  5. Hello, I am having issues running this. I did everything exactly the same (only my css and js files are on another folder, but the routes are working), however, all the items show only as a list, and there is no arrow buttons or anything else working. any way you could help me?

  6. thank bro. subscribed! can you make a video about how to customize animate slider owl carouel and text animate?

  7. The carousel slider is just working fine…but i need a responsive carousel slider that will have links carried on them and when you press the link, it will load up the link in an iframe

  8. its realy help full iam iqbal from ahmedabad gujarat pls help me out on Owl carousel i get some error my how to add next previous button in owl carusel

  9. I did it and I have different sizes of photos and when I do the same size for every photo and reduce width I have photo on left side. Does anyone know what can I do?

  10. Im having trouble locating the jquery.2.min.js file can anyone help me out? Ive been to the jquery website but cant seem to find the download for that specific file.

  11. 4 days was hagning with owl carousel trying to fighure it out by myself 🙁 . Thx dude thnxs ;'( :'( thankkkk you sooooo much :^ lol


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