Ovi Mail & Ovi Chat: The World is waiting to hear from You


Last year we showed Ovi Mail for the first time, and we were really excited to talk about our first 1M Ovi Mail customers. Today we have over 14M Ovi Mail accounts, which means that Nokia users have activated more than 1M accounts per month for the past year! Our top 10 markets for Ovi Mail activations are in countries like Bangladesh, Nigeria, Thailand, India, and Kenya — and 80% of consumers are accessing their Ovi Mail account from their Nokia device.

The coolest thing about Ovi Chat is that it lets you keep a conversation going because you know when someone is there. From your phone you can see if your friends are available to chat, and then you can use Ovi Chat to share big news right away, share a funny story from your day, or just say hi. And you can add personality with a smiley– when you need to let them know you are only joking! And I’ve been reminded by people here at Nokia World that our Nokia phone sales can help us develop the biggest chat community in the world, which is an incredible idea!

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