Overlord Will Conclude Its Series With Volume 17 of The Light Novel


Just recently a announcement came out by Yen Press that the famous Isekai series called Overlord will be ending on Volume 17 of the Light Novel. With all the latest plot points building up in recent volumes… many including me are wondering if the writer can conclude everything. Its very possible the writer just needs a break and will come back when he’s ready to make a continuation. For now if I had to guess… he’s experiencing Burn Out. Anyways we’ll see how it goes when Volume 17 of Overlord comes out.

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  1. First, nice t-shirt
    Second, I just saw the anime of Overlord, I hope that it will be animated until the last volume.

  2. It’s ok after volume 17 there will either be a company seeking to make a game and profit or the masses will create a high(ish) quality fan game

  3. It needs to continue overlord is the only hope it can’t end due to corona lol , homie is tired or overworked

  4. I would say its a mix of 2 things.

    He has been working on it for 8 years if you add 3 more volumes (3 years) that's over 10 years… and that isn't even getting into the time with the Web Novel.
    For 10 years he would have been writing volumes, side stories, meeting with anime directors, conventions… all while this isn't his main job.
    I wouldn't say he is directly burnt out of Overlord, although it could be possible, I think he is just tired overall.

    That is a lot of work, we have been getting more than 1 volume a year if you include the side stories.
    If you look back at one of his old interviews he said he has content for 25 volumes… which after including the side stories we are not all that far off.
    The main plot of the story is Ainz taking over the central part of the continent… in my opinion after he has that under control the rest won't really be that much different.
    Maybe the races might change, or the big bad dragon lord might be different… but it is all stuff ainz and us following have seen.
    The few things that could be written for Overlord at this point don't really need to be apart of the main series, but could easily fit inside side-stories.
    There isn't much need to keep up with the volumes every year, when you have some random ideas about finding an old guild base, or fighting another dragon lord or who knows what.

    Of course, we don't know if the author will continue the side-stories or come back to them in the future, I suspect he won't or it will be a while. But finishing it up now still fits alright with the story assuming he can hit all the main topics left. We really only have a few things: Elven Kingdom, Slain Theocracy, and Dragon Lords. Some of these could be split up, or combined, I mean they are all somewhat related like dominos if you have been following the series (which I know you have).

  5. . Im starting to really hate this author. Hes such a little bitch. Hes mad that people are so excited to read his work that theyre translating it themselves. And instead of moving on and focusing on making a better translation of his work so people buy it hes just gona cut his series short as a giant fuck you to everyone who has supported him untill now?

  6. Better for it to end gloriously than prolong it and become bad. Time to enjoy the last remaining volumes like never before.

  7. “It gives you a feel of freedom to know when’s the end”

    Captain John Price

  8. Plot Twist for Conclusion: Ainz finds another player who kills him in Volume 17.

    Me: Well, that certainly is one way to make a conclusion conclusive….. /tear

  9. I don't think that there will be continuation for overlord. The author has made it quite clear he is not only done with writing it but is doesn't see its western audience nor the publisher in a good light. He has said multiple times that he just wants to get the series done and move into high school wrestling drama or something along those lines.

  10. Whats not mention is that its ending early cuz the author is butthurt that ppl are fantranslating overlord cuz he doesn't understand that they benefit his overall sales and that ppl don't want to wait years for potentially bad TLs when fans can sometimes do it in as short of time as few weeky and with much better quality overall. If you can track down his rant find it and prepare to lose any respect for the author.


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