Overlord – 5 Things Anime Fans Some Times Get Wrong! Anime/Light Novel


5 Things some Overlord Fans get wrong when it comes to the anime of Season 1, 2 and 3!

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  2. can you explain the first episode of season 2 about the old girl talking to the dragon and the ring in stronoff finger?? i tho that the other country want to kill stronoff in season 1?

  3. i`ve read all the light novels in japanese (more than a couple times), but i dont recall they telling the name of the world item that controlled shaltea, if you could tell me where did you get that name, it would be great.
    thank you

  4. At the beginning of the series, there was someone observing the first battle. It was expressed by the shattering sky. Ainze makes referent to that observation.

    Shalltear, when mind controlled was being used as bait to see who would come and retrieve her. Ainze made that observation as well. Later, in the conversation with the girl with the Rubik's Cube, we learned that was where the force that stopped Shalltear was from and ordered further investigation.

  5. The biggest possibility about the sunlight theory is that she either has high resistance stats making sunlight practically useless to her or she has a passive skill or ability which make unaffected by it. Like her true vampire class or other racial classes. Even her job classes where she has classes like cleric etc. She might have a item like you said but i think is more because she is high level enough that her stats resistance could protect her against these things. Like have silver weapon can’t hurt her unless it also has high magic imbued in it.

    Reason why i said she having a item for it is unlikely because unlike Ainz, most of the npc’s can’t equip more than 2 rings according to the game system. Ainz was special because he once use a very special item to able to let him equip all his fingers with rings. So chances are low that her creator gave up such a important equip slot of her to just let her have a ring that protect against sunlight. She might as well equip other powerful rings with other effects

  6. i've never heard any of these things? why do people get this wrong? it boggles the mind. but still interesting to watch the video.
    came here just in case there was something i didn't know, but …nah 😛

  7. I'm an anime only fan and I understood most of it when I watched it for the first time. I was a bit confused about the one with Shalltear being in disguise because I thought she was evileye at first because of the OP but I understood when I watched the last episode of season 2. The one with Arche took me awhile as well but I know it's not evileye's voice because why would she be there? She's an adventurer of Re-estize and not a worker. But all in all, some of the details could easily be miss if you watch it once.

  8. I feel like to get these wrong, you have to be browsing your phone while watching
    If anyone is genuinely having this hard a time understanding the events of the show, you need to watch the dub instead so you can more easily understand the information given

  9. I didnt like they kill the girl and took her vocal cords and i wish they left alive so she can get her siblings out of their house my opinion

  10. I don't like this insulting to anime fans, here why they thought with those mistakes, first about Shalltear when she fought Brain , there were no clear what exactly her mission , in LN she just to go and watch and that the big mistake in the story, why it isn't clear in manganese and anime? That is why they got misunderstanding and not all of them read LN.

    About Entoma new voice, Overlord became so popular not too much it seems in some countries and anime types most fans started to know Overlord by anime, and those who got this mistake, they started watch anime just in S3.

    About Shalltear's fight with Ainz, she didn't betray Ainz for sure, but why some fans believe she can betray it because what did she say to him and confusing herself in the same time and that gave a theory that Shalltear doesn't have a great faith in her feelings to Ainz in what she called it a love rival or royalty , once someone got controlled, there are levels to judge if she meant it or not, and it seemed she was even confusing in herself in the first time and that gave a strange scenes she doesn't deeply love in him or in her faith. But in ep 13 she appeared never remember anything starting from where she started her mission and that mean she wasn't losing her memory because of brainwashing, but Maruyama tried to show that because of brainwash , so it can be anime fault or Maruyama's or she is not deeply enough in her faith .

  11. with the level of stupid that is going on nowadays i am SURPRISED that these ARE the ONLY misunderstandings everyone is asking about!
    in fact these extremely obvious points are laughable! i expected people to misunderstand even more!

  12. Could u explain this scene of the dragon talking to the old women and it shows a cut to where the dragons armor attack shaltear…. When, where, and how does this happen??

  13. I seriously dislike comments here who like to brag about how they read ln and anime fans suck, well fuck you not everyone can read or has the time to read , that said I really didn't understand stupid lizards but whatever


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