Over the Horizon 2019


This year’s take on “Over the Horizon” was inspired by the beauty of the oceans – evoking the seas’ vast scale and indescribable majesty through a combination of soothing synthesizers, strings and woodwinds.
The new ringtone’s debut video underscores the importance of ocean conservation, and at the same time visualizes how Samsung explored a number of innovative technologies when developing its latest Galaxy devices. : For more information,

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  1. just bought a Samsung smartphone, and found this music. Well actuallay I searched for something Over The Horizon 2020, or 'latest version' etc but the 2020 version I found was different. And found this version (it's 2019, yet my phone is 2020, LoL) just very similiar. And it's a great music I think. Thnak you so much for the composer an performers. Oh and the video is great too! cheers

  2. Wow this ringtones is very beautiful 👍👍👍😱😱😭😭😭🤧 it touch my heart
    Thank you samsung you Are amazing

  3. WOW! Beautiful arrangement—Love those Bass Trombones evoking subtle power, majestic strings, great percussion! Looks like the Swimmer had a blast too. Nicely Done!

  4. wait I have that ringtone fo4 Horizon no I meant Over the Horizon you make the best Over the Horizon ringtones


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