Oukitel K6000 Plus Unboxing & Hands-On Review – 6000mAh mobile


Oukitel K6000 Plus unboxing and hands on. Where to buy, Tinydeal: Tax-free EU/Spanish warehouse:

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  1. Oukitel K6000 Plus unboxing and hands on. Where to buy, Tinydeal: https://goo.gl/TF1g1y Tax-free EU/Spanish warehouse: https://goo.gl/3sfpqY

  2. Horrible with Bluetooth if you have more that one device paired. Always tries to reconnect to the last one when you turn on the Bluetooth. Have to try 4 or 5 times to connect to another! And after it connects some times the audio is still playing from the phone. SUPER ANNOYING

  3. I really want this phone, but there are almost no wallet cases made for it. What other phones have the same dimensions as it?

  4. thanks for the review techtablets. I just got a delivery of this phone yesterday morning. had no Nana sim at hand leaving the k6000 plus simless through yesterday. However the battery dropped from 95% to 85% within 3hours while I kept the phone in my drawer at work… I had used the battery to 50% before charging to 100%. Used to 95% on full brightness. Now I'm skeptical this phone's battery is a ripoff, checked other reviews yet their batteries last 2 days +

  5. Is the screen even as the one I have has screen bleed towards the bottom ? In low settings you can see that it is not even.

  6. Hi, I just got this phone today and while I can say that I like it, I've also noticed a few issues, more specifically three.

    1. and probably the biggest one for me: there is some electrical interference that can be heard when listening to something with headphones. my old Galaxy S4 didnt have any.

    2. 1080p 60fps YouTube videos lag alot and it's not my Internet causing it.

    3. As you said, the backlight of the buttons is not very Bright.

  7. I bought for my dad. for fathers day n gave it to him early cus he really needed it . he loves it it last him 4 days battery. he uses youtube some gaming n calls but not heavy gaming. I like it too but it isn't for ppl who do alot wit their cells. u won't be able to connect bluetooth headset on it . also No 4g or LTE on USA . but since my dad is always home or at the restaurant he always on WiFi so he doesn't complain . u can use browser fine just won't load YouTube on the edge it gets
    so if u wanna buy in the USA. for 4G. don't do it to urself . . but if u don't use internet n just want to use when u have wifi . than go ahead.i paid 130 plus 9 shipping brand new so that. was a good deal

  8. can you also make a review for Oukitel U11 plus… and what do you think about Oukitel Brand? is it good, so-so, or bad… ?

  9. Whats the purpose of having 6000mah battery if MTK processors are not optimized+crappy software? It just looks 4000mah….


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