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In a world where Big Brother is always watching you through the security program Orwell, you play as an investigator determining what information is relevant to the police. Jump into this episodic game to a unique and innovative setting to solve the mystery of a string of terror attacks before it’s too late. Hopefully this review will help you answer the question: Should you buy Orwell. Enjoy 🙂

Orwell is a narratively driven game made by Osmotic Studios and published by Surprise Attack Games.

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  1. "the" ending? you know there are more than one, yeah?

    but yeah, symes was awesome. his development was amazing. bcuz spoilers, i won't say more.

  2. This was one of the most important, and revelatory, games, ever produced.

    Get the "true ending", and you will understand what I mean…

    NB: This is how it is in "real life", particularly when it comes to obfuscation, mid-direction, and those whom pull-the-strings that makes our world "go around".


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