Nucleo – BEST FREE/PAID Icon Library for Designers! [Full Overview]


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Nucleo is a beautiful library of 25738 SVG icons, and a powerful application to collect, customize and export all your icons. If you are a UI Designer, Visual Designer or a developer, Nucelo is a tool that is definitely recommended!

Why Nucelo is so cool:
– It is available for Windows and Mac!
– It has free and paid icons sets
– Super clean User Interface
– Import icons into Nucleo
– Drag and Drop Icons into your UI Design tool
– Customize Icons before drag/dropping them or exporting them
– Animated Icons are Compatible
– Organize Icons into Projects
– Favorite Icons
– Export Icons in Multiple Formats
– Accepts formats such as PNG, SVG, JSON
– Copy the SVG, JSON, JSX, VUE code for development

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  1. I want to win because I need to have my icon organized and utilize the software for my UI design career. 🙂

  2. I would love to win because it would help me learn of new design trends and allow me to stay creative and further incite me to create more, I also don't have the funds for this great service 🙁 Recently followed you on dribble love your work, great stuff!

  3. I've been looking on Nucleo for months but I am not able to afford it as of now.

    It will be very helpful for me as an uprising Designer and it will feel like a lottery win if I receive something I am looking forward to get for free. <3

  4. Honestly, the premium version is too expensive for my needs. I create web apps and browser extensions, so it would be a nice tool to have, but not indispensable. I often use ionicon or font awesome.

  5. Being a poor student, i cant afford the premium. I love the app and am thinking of adopting it to my every day use, as I apparently can import my own icons for faster access!

  6. Actually I wanna pay it for this but I can't live as a student if I do that . Bad economy is destroy me when I wanna buy something with dollar . I don't wanna give up because of this thing . So I should take it ^_^

  7. I am a ui ux designer and I love to use sketch and invision app for my ui work!! I really like Nucleo icon library so very much, awesome and useful project, thanks a lot! that's why I want to win 😍😍!!

  8. I'm a freelance UI/UX Designer and I like to try new softwares and design tools for my projects!
    And it's really a pain to design icons everytime… I don't really keep a stack of them. Just design them everytime from scratch, even basic icons like Hamburger Menu or Back Buttons. It seems like a nice tool but it is way too expensive for me!

  9. I am using whenever i want an icon i each and everytime go to chrome open the site and download a single icon. Which became a pain for me. And still i am using that only. No money to buy the license. I wish to god that i win one license so that I can make my design process much faster and less time consuming. Thank you.

  10. I'm UI developer and I want to win, because I want to use it all over my projects 😉 I like Nucleo icon library very much, great and helpful project, thanks a lot!

  11. I'm a young self taught "designer". I aspire to make things look better every day and am always looking to learn something new. As cliche as this may sound, I believe nothing can stop someone from achieving their dreams and so I'm constantly pushing my limits to try something new (currently into 2D motion design). It's platforms like these that help a brother out and participating in such giveaways are an example of things that can push one forward and always help out. Cheers and keep up the great work 💪

  12. I'm UI/UX Designer and I suffer a lot from the mess of the icons in my projects and this application will be a very useful solution to my problem. I hope to be among the winners of this giveaway.

    Awesome review by the way. Thanks 🙂

  13. I just started working with a software company that just launched this year. I am designing as well as coding the front-end of their new business software and icons in svg format is a big part of bringing together a design to impress my bosses. This license would definetely be a big help to me 🙂

  14. I want to get this, for graphic design and user centered design study projects, looks very useful for interface design

  15. Oh wow I would really love this! I've been looking for a good icon pack exactly like this. Sadly I cannot purchase it since I do not have $99. I really needed this for mobile games I've been making, and animations for ui menus for clients apps.


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