[MV] IU(아이유) _ eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)


[MV] IU(아이유) _ eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)

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  1. 오렌지 태양과 도마뱀.. 사막이랑 선인장, 별 쏟아질 것 같은 밤하늘, 날아가는 경비행기, 어린왕자, 여우 한 마리와 장미꽃, 흰 양떼, 두 팔로도 다 안담길 커다란 바오밥 나무 이미지가 담긴 뮤비도 잘 어울렷을거 같다는 생각..ㅎㅎ

  2. watch suga become the best producer on earth and artists fighting on who's next to collab with him, watch!

  3. https://youtu.be/O16Kd4feO30

  4. 살면 살수록 점점 돌아갈 수 없는 시간이 늘어나기 때문에 그게 나를 통째로 외롭게 하는 건지도 모르겠다

  5. Did u guys notice that the title of the song is "eight" because Jonghyun birthday (one of IU's bestfriend) was the 8th of alpril and the girl with white dress is Sulli, the dragon is Jongyun and the lizard was Goo hara (which is IU's betsfriends who passes away)
    Thats why she cries 😭😭

  6. Everyone's saying that Sulli is Jonghyun are the girl in white dress and the dragon, but what if they're the people on the plane going to the island of memories to stay there forever, and IU is leaving because she can't stay there because she has to wake up so when she sees them in the plane Sulli is crying saying goodbye while smiling as if saying she will wait for IU to sleep and meet them in her memories

  7. 2:39 I think Sulli is the girl in white dress then Jonghyun is the dragon (cause he loves Charmander) then they fly away from all the pain, sadness and depression then they see the airplane which IU was in there and I feel like IU was happy that they are now free from all the pain they feel

  8. 한글 댓글이 없군
    영상속 도마뱀 (꿈속 드래곤) – 종현
    절벽에서 뛰어내리는 여자아이 -설리
    '우울한 결말 따위는 없어"
    "난 영원히 널 이 기억속에서 만나"
    "이런 악몽이라면 영원히 깨지 않을게…"

    뮤비 마지막부분에서 그들을 그리워하는 아이유의 모습이 찡하다


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