IELTS TOEFL Writing: due to & due to the fact that


A common expression IELTS and TOEFL test takers use in their essays is ‘due to’. Many also use ‘due to the fact that….’ These expressions are often used to replace the word ‘because’. The essay graders see these expressions too often and they know that the writer is trying to score more points on the lexical resource category by not using the simple, everyday word ‘because’.

Remember: if you can say something in 1 word, don’t use 2.

‘Because’ is a perfectly fine word to use. ‘Due to’ is also fine, though it is not a synonym for ‘because’.

In this video, we look at the differences between due to, because of, and because and how to avoid making a mistake, we also look at why you should avoid using the expression ‘due to the fact that’, and when it should be used.

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  1. Can i use due to ……… start my sentence…. For example
    Due to advancement in technology, people are becoming lazy.
    Please answer .

  2. hello sir!
    I' m studies GMAT and faces lots of grammatical mistakes, please make some video on GMAT sentence correction part

  3. Sir next year I have competitive exam ….plz I want to improve my writing skill so just guide me what practice I have to start on daily basis

  4. one person who dislikes is probably an English teacher who dislike the fact that you are making English available for everyone!

  5. Hi Adam….thanks for the video. I have one question. Can we use the word "for" instead of "because" in Writing.. is the world "for" informal???

    Similarly, are the words "like so, but, or, yet:……etc.. informal?? Can we use them in Writing module???

  6. Hi sir I am called Shahid Hussain from India. I have got a question, please solve it cos i can't find a solution to it even in books that I have got.
    Here is my Question
    He is gone to America.
    He has gone to American. He is dead and He has dad. What's the difference?

  7. Hi Adam,
    Since "mobile" could be also understood as a noun, if reading the sentence quickly, I would personally write the sentence as follows:
    "Sales of mobile devices have soared in recent years due to the fact that internet connections are widely available and that customers are BECOMING (increasingly) mobile themselves." What do you think? Would you put "increasingly" before or after the verb? Thanks.

  8. It's new for me the disadvantages of "due to" that you mentioned… I have been using this in my writings and I didn't even know about it. Thank you! I'll avoid it. The "for smth+ing" seems a great option.

  9. Thank you sir . … I scored 6.5 bands in december 2017… but I can't forget your lectures that I used to watch.


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