How to set up SpeedFan – Free fan control software


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How to set up SpeedFan – Free fan control software | JayzTwoCents



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  1. mine is showing nothing, except for HD1 and HD0, even when i quit and restart the program. suggestions? I am using a Lenovo Legion gaming laptop.

  2. Software seems to think my CPU's temperature is 128 degrees Celsius just after cold booting. Not only does MSI Afterburner disagree but I do, too because there's no way a new CPU cooler is letting my temperature get that hot within 5 minutes of booting. Good software lol.

  3. I downloaded from other website and when i press on advanced and this ISA it only comes temperature 1 offset

  4. My CPU is 30C/87F but it runs 4000RPM and theres no REASON for it.. and i checked allover the place to change the speed of the fan but it seems i have HP and i cant do shit about it. I go in the bios and it says Fans but it finds 0 fans lol..

  5. Don't even try, the software could be dangerous for some unexperienced people, just get a decent motherboard and licensed software with it.

  6. Hello! I just installed speedfan, and I don't have the menu on the left, it's literally just blank, and also the menus down,and yes, I am at readings. Can anybody help me somehow?

  7. I always tought that speedfan "sucks" and ,yes, I dind´t know I had to configure it. I´m a quite advanced user so I watched this video carefully and I was able to control JUST ONE of my fans. My motherboard is a brand new asus maximus x hero. I got completely different options from the video and that´s fine, jay said so. In my options are "thermal cruise" "speed cruise" "smart fan IV" "manual" and many scary DO NOT USE THIS. I set all the fan channels on manual and I set the thermal curve based on the gpu just like in the video.
    The strange thing is that only the fan named "sys fan" works. all the other "aux 1,2,3,4" fans don´t work and there is no chance to have them working not even on manual. they keep on spinning at max rpm. so mostly yes, speedfan sucks. The only software that could really control my fans was the fan expert but I had to uninstall my ai suite because it was freezing each boot for about a minute. The working fan is a noctua. the "rebel" fans are three corsair sp 120 pro rgb that i was hoping to control via ICUE. Then I just realized that I paid 80€ for 3 fans and the light node just controls the fan lights and not the speeds so they can sell the even more expensive commander pro. Fortunately I still had my great zalman ZM-MFC2 manual fan controller. the fan speed is manual but I solved my problem and the unit still looks very cool. I have just one more thing to say. I have tried another fan control software after speedfan.
    The name is argus monitor and it´s not free so I was using the 30 days trial. The interface is much more friendly and easy to understand:
    a simple list of all the system fans and 3 choices each: -bios controlled – software controlled – manual control – the strange thing is that also argus monitor could control only the "sys fan". all the aux fans kept spinning at max rpms. So maybe speedfan it´s not the only one that sucks??? or what´s wrong with our motherboards?????

  8. I disconnected my front 3 fans and set it up on cpu/gpu..requires me to turn on the program on a restart..2% and 35%.. quiet when gaming with reasonable temps. I had to follow the video in detail, so you can't just figure it out. I think MSI/Asus/Nvidia/Intel/AMD need to sit down at a meeting and implement this somehow.


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