How To Install And Use Skype For Free


This video describes step-by-step how to install and use Skype to make audio and video chat calls. For more information on my video services, check out my website: Follow, Like and Subscribe for more video content, tips and tricks for using technology and the information you need to take your photos and videos and your business to the next level.


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  1. Thank you for your calm and easy to understand instructions. I am sure I will have to watch again but now I have the courage to try Skype and see those grandbabies!

  2. You failed to explain something important. You said you can contact someone by email. Does that mean you can video chat, making the connection by email alone? Or is skype strictly a software that works exclusively by phone for video chatting?

  3. Hi Jim, when i make a VDO group call, how do i maximize my small screen right hand side to the full size screen and every one else is small screen on the top?
    Thank you

  4. I'll need someone to help me install and understand Skype, but your tutorial is giving me some much-needed information. Thanks.

  5. You started out discussing "how would like to see your grandchildren" then went a business application making phone calls! I was looking for how to video chat computer to computer, and though that was what you were going to explain from your opening but that never happened!

  6. Hi Jim, like you, I often show folks the long way to install apps on their Mac, so they know where things are going. I did want to share, that you could also drag and drop the app right on the Applications "Alias" sitting right next to the Skype app in the installer folder. Not sure if that's helpful or not, but it does save a step or two in the process. Thanks for your videos!

  7. what a piece of shit. any non-brain-dead person could get that far. i need to know about country codes and phone numbers. thanks for nothing…..

  8. Thank you for your very concise answer. I would argue that since only one person needs zoom on his or her computer (the one doing the inviting) it would make this platform a little bit more convenient. What’s your thoughts?

  9. Thank you for your calm and easy to understand instructions. I am sure I will have to watch again but now I have the courage to try Skype and see those grandbabies!

  10. Great video Jim. I already have Skype I do know the basics and I probably should know the answer to this text question but in order to video I’m quite sure both people need to have Skype on their computer correct I know that when you call somebody’s phone that’s a different situation unless you’re calling Skype to Skype but video you both people do need to have Skype downloaded I’m quite sure is that correct?

    I asked this question because my brothers going to be conferencing video conferencing with his doctor in about two weeks using zoom (that’s what the doctors office uses) we were given a link by his office that when we click on it it opens up a video and they we will be able to see the doctor when it takes place it looks like we don’t have to have zoom software on our computer but with Skype I believe both people have to have it downloaded can you explain the difference in the technology so that I can understand?


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