How to Create Email Accounts in your OVIPanel?


Step 1: login to your OVIPanel
Step 2: Go to the Mail Manager and then click Email Manager
To Create an Email Account:
a) Now in Create a new mailbox section you need to enter your Email Address, password, MB Quota, and Outgoing Mails Per Day limit.
b)Quota (in MB): You can allocate the space in MB for an email account. (1000MB=1GB)
c) Now click on create.
d) You can find the existing Email Accounts in Current mailboxes. In there choose a Username which you want to edit and then click on “tab”
e) Click Access Webmail for direct login.
To Reset the Password:
a) Click the Edit button.
b) Enter or generate the new password
c) save the changes
To Update limits:
a) To update MB quota, click Edit MB Quota and then enter the value
b) save the changes
To update Outgoing Mails Per Day, click Edit Mail Limit and then enter the value
a) save the changes
To Delete Email Accounts:
a) Click Delete button and you will get a confirmation message, Kindly give delete confirmation to delete.


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