How to add your Gmail account to Outlook


Setting up your Gmail account within the Outlook app in Office 365 or Office 2019 isn’t as simple as it should be. In this video I make show you how to make a couple of changes to your account settings to allow Outlook to work with Gmail.

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  1. Thanks for the video! However, it only seems to work for 1 gmail account. If I try to add a 2nd, it won’t accept the one created for the 1st account nor does it allow for a 2nd password for the 2nd account.

  2. when I click on first asks my email id..i put in my gmail id..then next screen it says advanced,,,IMAP….etc..what do I do pls? I click on google,,it takes me to a screen which says imap settings

  3. My outlook kept crashing when I would try to use the verification password but I kept trying then like magic it eventually worked! Thank you for this video so glad I can finally put all my emails in folders since google doesn't believe in such a thing. :-*

  4. Hello Dave, I have a question, I'm trying to send an email for 198 ppl from outlook BCC but it bounces and says blocked. Why is that? Please help

  5. Thank you. I was able to setup my gmail on outlook although some part of the google settings has changed I was still able to see and change the setting

  6. Dave hope you are safe and well. I have outlook 365 and use gmail. I used to be able to make an appointment in outlook calendar and it would show up in my outlook calendar on my Samsung Note 9 and vice versa. Any ideas on how to get them to sync? Thank you for your help….

  7. GREAT……My account got messed up due to an incorrect password. i trawled through YouTube but none of them got to the most important part of ALLOW LESS SECURE APPS IN GMAIL SETTINGS AND SECURITY until i seen your video! That was all that was wrong , it got turned to off due to the wrong password. Some of these videos tried to steer you into buying software! Great informative video.

  8. did not work with Outlook 2010 not connecting to IMAP server. also getting error 124 on outlook, not sending mail out

  9. I imported Gmail to outlook, but it only imported inbox and outbox and search folder, not a draft folder, delete folder, sent folder. What can I do now?

  10. When I click on new account, it does not take me to the sign in area of Outlook, but takes me to the window where I have to add all the information…. and it is there where after following all the instructions, even with a generated password and 2 step verification and all, still does not work….


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