Google Gmail VS. Microsoft Outlook!


The two BIGGEST email clients: Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook! Which is better for YOU? Email is super important, as it’s something most of us use every day, so it’s crucial that you use the best email service possible! I guarantee you’ll learn a thing or two about Gmail and Outlook you didn’t already know!

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  1. Outlook has categories which can be configured in Outlook PC app and same is not valid for GMAIL LABELS. More over Outlook is exchange services which i guess GMAIL is lacking.

  2. Microsoft is wonderful at what you can achieve with. I am however a Google "fan boy" as they say and use all there products on my Android device although Microsoft outdid themselves when it came to the keyboard SwiftKey has a few features Gboard doesn't.

  3. That's your personal opinion.
    I use outlook and Gmail. I prefer outlook.
    I even disable Gmail app on my phone and use outlook instead.

  4. I'm gonna give outlook a try for a while. Google just has too much hold on modern needs, like email, navigation, mobile OS, entertainment (youtube), web browsing, etc. It'd be nice to not have to rely on them for every tech need.

  5. Was a Google fanboy for years – but Google messes things up over and over again. Worst product management of all 🙁

    So I just switched completely from Google to Microsoft: Office 365,, OneDrive, Microsoft Todo etc. – works great!

  6. Very good video. One major advantage that Google has over Microsoft is task integration. One cannot sync their tasks in outlook like you can in Google. I know it wasnt the focus of the video.. I apologize for that 🙂


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