Giant Ibis bus | Ho Chi MInh City to Phnom Penh


Today we are sadly leaving Vietnam after nearly a month but we are really excited because we are heading to our 6th country of Cambodia!

We are traveling on a day bus to Phnom Penh with Giant Ibis. We do not have a visa for Cambodia and Giant Ibis offers to process the visa on arrival for $5 USD per person.

Shortly after we get on the bus, we hand over the visa form, our passports and our Vietnam E-visas along with the $37 UDS per person which covers the visa fee ($30 USD) and processing fee ($5 USD + $2 USD because of our Vietnam E-visas)

After a couple hours, we make it to the border and get our stamp out of Vietnam. While we are in between borders, we stop at a duty free shop for lunch while the bus processes all of the visas for Cambodia. After lunch we get dropped off at the Cambodia border office for our entry stamp and then we are off toward Phnom Penh.

It happens to be a holiday in Cambodia today so the traffic in Phnom Penh is REALLY bad. In total, the ride ends up taking us somewhere around 8 hours to get to the bus station in Phnom Penh. Our hotel is just a short walk from the station so we get settled in and we are so excited to explore tomorrow!
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  1. So the bus company charged each person $5 US to take your passport and entrance slip to the immigration counter where you will be standing in line and get to anyways. The $2 US is the extra tips on top of the $5 US you gave them to do nothing.


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