Epic uses for the Galaxy S10 OTG dongle (and other Android phones too)


Galaxy S10 OTG is a USB connector dongle that comes in the box with your Galaxy S10, Galaxy s9, and other phones too. If you haven’t used the OTG (On The Go) before, then check out what it can do and how it can enhance your mobile experience!

Thanks Verizon for the use of the Galaxy S10!
The mic is a FOX mic from Beyerdynamic
The keyboard is from KANEX



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  1. Speaking of phones, what are your thoughts about TCL 10 Pro? I tried it for a month here: https://youtu.be/EAl8AaptWQ0 🔥

  2. Is there a possibility to connect a external hard drive to your phone and charge it at the same time? (with USB charger or power bank on the go)

  3. Is the OTG 3.0? I want to use it as a USB 3.0 adapter for an External Hard Drive. I ask this because I am concerned about the speed that is used.

  4. I'm looking for an Ethernet adapter for a galaxy s10+. Can you recommend one (that you know works)? I tried one that had a USB c connection but it didn't work. I want to a regular USB one with the dongle and see if that works.

  5. I have a otg cable but its micro usb its for my crappyphone i got the samsung on eBay for 5 bucks and its for my a20 motog7 switch anything with a USB type c i absolutely love it

  6. I'd never even used mine and found it in a bag with the AKG earbuds and other odds and ends. I could see transferring all my music and photos to my phone. It's just good to know this thing has a purpose or two. LOL Thanks for the video.

  7. I tried to use a dongle to connect a mic into it and I got so much static that I couldn't even hear my voice 😭

  8. Thanks!! I thought it was only for file transfers lol didnt know about all the other functionalities especially the mouse!


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