Dynasty Warriors 8 (JPN) – Zhou Tai Gameplay (MAX STATS) (Chaos Difficulty) [HD]


He’s still a badass, perhaps even more so as he’s got his cape back.

His weapon and moveset remains pretty much intact from 7. The only difference I’ve noted is you can no longer execute EX – full charged switch. Combo alternatives are EX – JCC (Jump Charge Cancel), EX – Musou 1 or EX – JAC (Jump Attack Cancel) (though not recommended, as it’s prone to failure).

Musou 2 is decent, but a far cry from his spectacular first musou. Jump charge is very effective at getting enemies back up from the ground as with most jump charges.

Overall, nerfed in one aspect, but also improved with the ability to jump charge. Don’t forget the awakening musou. So it rounds it out.


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  1. Remember his DW4 grab where he held you up with his sheath and proceeded to repeatedly bitchslap you with his Katana? I miss that attack.

    Also, his alternate outfits in 4, with the masked helmet were great, we need them back.

  2. I loved Dynasty warriors. Been playing since 2 and haven't regretted it. They have a style of game that they focus on. They are consistent and I know what I'm getting every time I buy their games.

  3. Well there is dynasty warriors 6 Empires that has the Ruler mode in which you can, if you want, command your troops to do the fighting while you just sit back and watch the fight from a strategist's point of view ^^


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