Download iCloud to Samsung With Smart Switch on Galaxy S8


Keep your data from phone to phone can be difficult, especially when going from Apple to Samsung. Use Smart Switch to download your iCloud back up and start right where you left off in your messages and much more. You can transfer: Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Bookmarks, Alarms, Pictures, Videos, Wallpaper and much more!

Galaxy S8+:

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  1. But at latest version of iOs, it is not possible to turn off two-factor thing. Do you have an idea to transfer datas without turn it off?

  2. Hello i am planning to buy a matepad pro a lil tight budget to have a big laptop and i am planning to buy and try for the first time a cheaper iphone se, do you think ill have problem transfering datas feom iphone to huawei matepad? Please help me thanks i need ro get now while both are on sale

  3. Hi can anyone help me? I have a Samsung SGH-i937 (Samsung Focus) that i would like to transfer only my pictures and videos from to this new IPHONE XR i just purchased. For the life of me i cannot find a way to do this. I cannot figure out how to transfer directly to the iphone or to the cloud. Uploading to the cloud would be best, but even that i cannot figure out. I found this software called "Move to IOS", but when i pull it up in my Samsung browser and hit the "Install" button in Google Play, nothing happens….that is nothing downloads. Completely at a loss. Anyone can help? Thank you.

  4. Hello, i am trying to backup my whatsapp from my iphone device, but it is not updating. It is still showing "0" % uploading for days now. How can i fix this issue. I want to back it up before downloading the app onto my new samsung device. Thanks.

  5. Very good video. I knew about iMessage, completely forgot about Two Factor Authentication, and a couple others as well. Appreciate all you shared.

    FYI: At 9:09 you stated "…reocurring…", it should be "recurring". When something happens it occurs, when it again happens it "recurs". In your word processor type reocurring you will notice it is marked as misspelled.

  6. Hi, i lost my android phone but i do have my backup data in my google drive, how can i restore my whtsapp chats in my new iphone 7 plus?

  7. Hello there

    Is there a way to Transfer WhatsApp chats history from iphone to Samsung mun ally or with smart switch ?


  8. Does the data from the app/game erase like if your in level 60 your going to start all over again or what

  9. the only thing keeping me from switching to an android phone is the important chat and media that I have on my whatsapp although its a cross platform app its a bit tricky to transfer data betweeen the 2 Operating systems :/ any mistake and all your data will be gone for ever

  10. Excellent video thank you for sharing.

    FYI: at 9:09 you stated “reoccurring”, an all too common grammatical error, correctly stated it is recurring. When something happens it occurs, when it again happens it recurs, not reoccurs.

  11. Hi, my grandma got a new galaxy phone and is wanting to transfer her game data in the games she has played on the old phone which is the iPhone on to the new galaxy phone that she has and I tried her Facebook but it’s only letting me long in as me and not her, is there anything I can do to transfer the gaming data?

  12. It's working with out double authentication OFF story…mine is ON, still Samsung received all data from iCloud.
    Downloaded all contacts, notes and etc…very good….bye bye to Apple…

  13. What if I can't disable the two factor authentication? It's no longer available. Is the transfer not going to work?

  14. So im transferring my apple iPhone 7 plus to my new note 9 and everything switched over even my apps. but when i click on my games it wants me to start over like i never played. So is there a way to get my game info from i phone to the note 9 i didnt want to start over?


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