Cool things to do with an OTG connector and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus


Some very cool things that you can do with the OTG Connector that comes with the Samsung Galaxy S9!
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In this video i will show you some neat things that you can do with the OTG Connector that came in the box with your Samsung Galaxy S9. Some of them you may know already but some of them may be something new for you!

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  1. How do you the smäll connector that comes with the phone? I have tried but not managed to make it work out

  2. I love how he just SKIPS over what happens after you connect a flash drive to the usb connector and plug it into the computer. He makes it sound like all the files are just there. No, my friend, they are not " just there". Would have been nice had you TAKEN THE TIME TO EXPLAIN HOW TO FIND THE DAMN FILES ON THE PHONE. Like most You Tube self help videos they really don't help at all as these computer geeks once again assume everyone is a computer genius. Perhaps you you should try and bring it down to people that are not experts. Perhaps GOING SLOWER AND WALKING STEP BY STEP would have helped. .

  3. The usb connector that came with my S8 plus doesn't seem to fit right. It's loose/doesn't catch. When I plug it in with a thumb drive, it doesn't show up in my files folder

  4. These tips are really amazing Redskull. I DON'T KNOW WHY these tips are not shared in a guide when you buy and android phone. My favorite you mentioned was connecting the keyboard to the phone! You've got me wanting to experiment with my OTG connector for my guitar lesson video. I'll see what I can come up wit, Thanks!!

  5. This was an EXCELLENT, informative, and super-useful Video!
    I especially liked the information around the 4 minutes mark. As a new Fötögrafēr and DSLR user, I was searching for a video to teach me how to QUICKLY and efficiently transfer my Nikon's pics to my Galaxy S9, in order to load for Light Room editing-OTG!

    Thank YOU so much for making this!🙏🏾

    I'll check out more of your work; I've SUBSCRIBED to your channel! ⚡💪🏾

  6. If I have the otg connector, do I then need the normal USB or any special USB to transfer photos, videos and music from my Samsung galaxy S8+ ?

  7. Hi Alex, Can i also erase what's on my Micro SD card using OTG after transferring my data on external storage?

  8. Is there any other way to charge a galaxy s10e phone if the cord broke? I have multiple other connectors and wall plug ins, but the cord is shaped very unique and nothing else fits.

  9. Thanks, I didn't know I could do so many things with the otg connector. I used my otg connector for my flir infrared camera. You need an adapter though. Small price to pay for I.R, imo.

  10. Nothing special with a Samsung or Galaxy or S9 or S9+ …. Any android phone can do that with the help of an OTG

  11. Can I connect a usb male that’s hdmi male on the other side to connect to tv using this Otg? If I get a male usb to male hdmi cable? Please let me know big bro.

  12. Hi man I have 2016 Cadillac escalade with monitors with Rca and usb I can plug my phone to watch something on screen

  13. Who need the fancy reverse charging on the S10 when you can use this connect and charge from on any Samsung phone 😂

  14. Thank you, like some many other commentors, mine has been sitting in be box my phone came in. I will definitely use it now.

  15. I know this an old video but i've used it to play the piano with an 88 key Alesis midi keyboard through otg and outputed to bluetooth headset.


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