Cara Bermain Overcooked! 2 (Steamworks) Multiplayer Gratisan 2019


Cara Bermain Overcooked! 2 (Steamworks) Multiplayer Gratisan 2019

Download Overcooked 2 Spring Festival-PLAZA:

Download Overcooked 2 Steamworks Fix:

– Saya hanya tes Overcooked 2 Spring Festival versi Plaza
– Install gamenya, tapi jangan gunakan crack Plaza
– Gunakan saja crack Overcooked 2 Steamworks Fix
– Buka steam kalian & login
– Setelah selesai, klik Overcooked2.exe untuk masuk

– Pilih mode Arcade atau Versus – Online Public
– Atau Invite Friends – Online Private
– Online hanya berlaku untuk sesama teman Steam bajakan

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  1. gw kok pas invit orang di main menu ga keluar steam overlay buat nginvit nya ya? harus join game via steam friend list. gabisa invit dari in game
    alhasil gabisa maen story mode sama temen cuma bisa arcade doang

  2. hey for everybody having the freezing issue,
    The game download link which is used in the video is different from the download link in the description,
    So I am downloading the other (correct/video) version now,
    Until then i will report back on this comment in a reply if it worked or not,
    Edit: to sum up everything
    1. you need to download the base game but hoodlum version not plaza
    —-from this torrent ->
    2. Use the crack from mega link in the video description:!a54mVaQI!1_605YV1UcKgv8wHR299q3rawRZoU49VIznZVDBiLZ4
    3. Copy over the crack contents to the game
    4. Launch the game and enjoy
    and thanks PakTani for the helpful links and video

  3. The game was running normally, but when I installed the steamworks fix, it freezes in the title screen, can you help me?

  4. udh invite temen sesama bajakan tapi setelah milih map, loadingnnya ga selesai selesai, ada solusi? thanks btw


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