Can You Make Real Money On A Dog-Walking App?


If you need extra cash and love hanging out with dogs, on-demand dog walking jobs may be a good job for you. We tried to find out if you can actually make a living off of these apps.



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  1. ONEBiz Op p .c om is The best site I at any point saw in as long as I can remember of try sincerely and win capital money Over the web. for me , this was Magnificent .

  2. I’m a professional and still do individual household dog walks because several of my dogs are reactionary toward other dogs. I also do a lot of drop in visits for cats or dogs. I’m not on wag, but I do use rover at times to bring in new clients. I’ve gotten to the point where I have a lot of repeat business and word of mouth business.

  3. The only one that makes money on this is the app have you heard of something so stupid are you a bunch of mugs or what if you dont know when your dog needs to tell you when to WALK your dog then you shouldn't have ONE

  4. Not worth it just make your own business like shoveling up snow in the winter or a show cleaning service

  5. Does anyone know what the GoPro harness/strap that some of these dogs are wearing?? I really want to get one but I can’t find any.

  6. Doing this right now. Best job ever. Quit my job dishwashing to pursue it seriously and I’m brand new and already making the same amount of money with half the time and effort PLUS!!! I often do dogsitting so honestly I don’t even bother with housing which is expensive here in California. So that’s a big benefit right there. As I build my clientele, I’ll be making the good money. New clients just come naturally. People will see you walking dogs and ask about your rates right away. I’ve been cutting people insane deals in order to get some references but I’ll probably have to raise my prices soon. Love it!(:

  7. If everyone just did 20 minute walks I wouldn't be doing wag because after driving to and from and dealing with the app your looking at an hour ,And no on average they are not making 17.00 bs

  8. I have used Wag for my dog, the walker was wonderful and the app sent me a map of their walk. I can see the value of GPS on a walk for my dog from a total stranger, but I'm still a little uncomfortable with the concept of getting a random person every time.
    I much rather establish a relationship with one person I can rely and trust.

  9. Some dogs are getting abused because their owners chose the wrong people. Look up Inside edition(are dogs be abused with Wags)

  10. Wag, Rover are same with Uber, LYFT. They destroy the market, like taxi market and non-app dog walking market. Those market was good before, earning was good until these apps came in. Now it's never be the same. All these company pay under min wage , and it will be lower and lower from time to time. As they will kept on cutting off their rate. They dont know how to manage a company , and declare lost every year. These companies causing the job become less valued. They dont care how drivers or dog walkers scream for low earnings. What they think are how to get as many clients as possible by kept on lowering rates until become less and less value.

  11. I walked through this app until I saw how they handled a death of someone’s dog by hiring a walker that was super uncareful on a walk and let the dog get hit by a car, the took way too long to notify the owner. Swept the whole thing under the rug for the family. Never again will I work for Wag!

  12. If you’ve decided you’re downloading wag you can use my coupon code DANIELLE16528. You get $50 which I think amounts to about 2 and a half walks.

  13. Afforable?!?!?! That is more than I charge personally and the big business I work in a big city in Texas. And yes YOU PAY A SHIT TON OF TAXES!!!!!!! oh you made a lot of money one month?? You better be saving most of that for taxes. I tried to work for wag but I didnt like that you dont meet the owners first. That's how you get bit!!!!!!! Dogs are territorial and will protect their home.
    You need physical strength and a lot of energy to to a dog Walker.

  14. Walking 6 dogs at a time may not be as easy as it sounds. Not many dogs come lead trained and if they are large dogs or working line breeds with copious amounts of energy, better take up body building as a side hobby.

  15. I love your passion for this job! I just started creating Wag Walker content too 😀 It's so fun!

  16. Thank you for bringing awareness to dog's needs and the awesomeness that they bring.

    If you see this comment please visit and help us bring free walks to dogs need them!

  17. At the time of this comment, $17.50 is a very inflated number – I would say (as a walker) $10-$12 is much more of an accurate number.

  18. I am a wag walker and I love it!!!!!! I make four legged friends and I have one that I love walking a lot!!! She and I have become close. Like best friends!!! I don’t care if I get paid or not, dog walking is my motivation for actually getting out there and walking.

  19. 20.00 American wtf that's 26.00 Canadian and I can't even get people on rover in Canada where I live in a prime spot and have good reviews to request a dog walk… Also I do an hour not 30 minutes…

  20. yeah but walking 6 dogs isnt always a good idea. i only walk 3 dogs at a time. yes the money is good taking more dogs but you have to keep in mind to watch all the dogs at once because u never know whats gonna happen when one gets loose. i actually do dog boarding where i live because its more convenient. there arent that many people who just need dog walkers. only i wish i can get money constantly like working a normal job but i love dogs so im gonna try my best to make it work and see how i can make even more.

  21. It's not really a good job. You get very little after Wag's cut and taxes. You might only get to walk 1-2 dogs a day, and you need to drive to the locations which could be far away or in dangerous neighborhoods.

  22. I love being a dog walker BUT this market is saturated with people offering pet services. It's not an income I would rely on. I find that I either have 3 jobs a week or I have nothing the next 3 weeks.

  23. I’ve walked a lot of friends and families dogs. I’m thinking of going out and starting my own dog walking business and Build up slow.

  24. Looking for a dog sitter or walker? Use code “” to get $20 off your first booking with me on Rover:


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