BURN DOWN THE TREE MONSTER! | Don't Starve Together


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  1. I hate watching them clear their base camp of all flowers, don't they know they spawn butterflies & they can be used in the crock pot to make some of the best foods in the game, like the cake, that shit is as good as regular meat cooked + a healing salve combined.

     Edit: Nevermind thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, its Jeff the Killer Goes on Vacation. Woops.

  3. I'm certain that it was asked before but why does Minx not use the lighter? Her character starts with a lighter.

    Food that you cook at the campfire doesn't necessarily give you more hunger back, it just gives you HP on top of the normal food value. For example a normal carrot gives around 11 hunger – cooked it gives you 11 hunger and 1 HP, same for berries altough they are the only thing thats worth cooking they give like 8 hunger raw and 11 hunger and 1 HP cooked, something like that. Best would be to hang onto those things and go the crockpot route with 3 ingredients and 1 stick [MAX 1 stick – more sticks = goop], also you shouldn't pick petals unless you need sanity, and you get sanity if you research anything new at the science machine, alchemy engine etc. so if you are desperate for sanity research anything at all, hopefully this is helpful to you

  5. Minx you don't need to burn things down to gain sanity, instead stand basically ontop of a roaring fire in the firepit.

  6. You guys are definitely getting better at this. Just make sure to make a heatstone (in the survival tab) when winter comes and keep it warm by standing beside fires.

  7. Throughout the game you guys should replant a lot of berry bushes/saplings/grass tufts close to your base (like A LOT) and around day 19/20, have Renae read her horticulture book around them. It will really help with food in the winter (:

  8. Minx I have waited a long time to say this but before I say this sadly this is my dads device so I'm not cool or anything but I just wanted to say that without your videos I would be a lonly sad person so I just wanted to say thank you for making my day every day


  9. So much yes

    Minx medicine is truly the best medicine <3
    In a but shell today has been very stressful and this is one of my most favoritistististist games minx plays, she never fails to make me smile when I feel….like this.

  10. This happened to me and my friend today. We  planted alot trees outside of base and winter came so i decided to chop them down and somehow one of them was this walking tree. After kiting around campfire over night we managedkill it XD

    Good thing was we actually needed living logs.

    Flowers are to be picked up if you are low on sanity, and they won't respawn ffs.
    It's a waste of a good sanity replenisher.

  12. I love this game <3 Watching this inspired me to play it the other day. 10-16 days in I finally got a stupid science machine, but only a few days later I found the portal to the adventure stage and left. Willow is a really convenient character for winter I found out because if you get cold you just use her lighter to light something on fire (albeit I did accidentally burn down two whole forests that way) 😛

  13. cooking the carrots makes them return 3 health it doesnt change the hunger back, hunger back is 12.5 per and they last a LONG time uncooked


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