Best Dog Training Apps for iPhone and Android


#1 Dogo (Free Download, but Subscription or Lifetime Access Avail for Purchase)

For this app, each trick is split into levels so you can track your pup’s progression from puppy to Sin-say. There is no restriction to how you go about learning the tricks; you choose the order.

There is also a pretty cool clicker option for marking your behaviors if you happen to not have a physical one or want to avoid treating with food for every iteration. This app also has video demonstrations that are very helpful in training your pet as well as session exams that have you submit your dog’s video performance of each trick for assessment/feedback. .

#2 Train Away (Not Free…$6.99) – Automated Dog Training

This is an app that is going to help train, acclimate, and desensitize your dog to a plethora of noises in a pretty efficient manner with automated training. It uses a professional sound library with high quality audio to bring that authentic element to your training sessions.

The way it works is you can set a timer to go off between 2-5 times per hour to build, shape, and replicate the behavior or reaction you want when your pup hears certain sounds. Probably one of the most popular sounds in many households is the door bell ringing or a knock at the door. There are also airport and airplane sounds which is really beneficial if you are gearing up to travel with your pet in the future, especially if it’s the first time.

This is a great app for passive training so you can do you and get the reps you need for the results you want.

The free version included 5 tricks (Clicker, Name, Sit, Down, and Put on a Leash). You also can submit a video exam for the name command and receive free advice from dog trainers on home to improve your training method. The paid version includes over 20 tricks and video exams. Every exam is reviewed individually. The beginning training is very basic, but it puts you on glide path.

#3 Puppr (Free) – For dogs of all ages

So when you open up the app, you get the basics training package for free.
Then, you have available for purchase the next training packages (they do include some tricks in these advanced packs for free, but you must purchase the remainder). My favorite aspect of this app is the video integration. You can self-report your training status as “not in progress,” in progress,” or “Mastered.” I really love the interface on this particular app.


#4 Social Puppy – Dog training and Socialization

As one quick notable mention, I believe Social Puppy is a great tool for your kit bag, but from my quick research, it seems to only be available for iOS based on the website, but if you’re tracking something different let the community know

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