Best Beaches Cagayan de Oro – Initao White Sand Beach


Join me to discover the best beaches around Cagayan de Oro. Today I’m going to Initao White Sand Beach about one hour from Cagayan.

Initao beach is on the highway to Iligan and about 20 minutes past the airport turnoff.

Access to the beach is through one of the resorts and a small entrance fee is charged.s

Check out our latest video from Initao White Sand Beach –

It’s a popular spot for locals and there’s a very good reason for that. The sand is white and the water clean and clear. It’s very shallow so is great for kids.

If you want to get away from town and enjoy a day at the beach, Initao is worth the trip.

Initao White Sand Beach definitely is one of the best beaches around Cagayan de Oro.


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  1. Thanks. Good video. I will look for the minkay sign and turn Right. Not sure if the turn is before blu sands or after but I will find it. Thanks again

  2. very nice to see. I can't wait add some of these to our list the next time we go home to Cagayan De Oro, Claveria

  3. Hi mga taga mindanaonan.. taga mindanao din ako.. nasa kuwait lang ngayun.. bisita kayu sa bahay ko.. para ma tour ko kayu sa kuwait

  4. Hi maam. Ds s a nice presentation of our beach in CdO. Im also a vlogger from CdO. Dalaw po kayo sa tahanan ko rin…

  5. ah nahuman na diay ang jollibee bulua pag renovate.. ug nabitin ko sa highway sa opol.. homan napod ang highway expansion kaha diha..

  6. Wow,…I think I saw some woman so afraid of the sun thus using umbrella while navigating the water…only in the Philippines…lol…Oh by the way, I was told Jasaan beach also has with white sand (sandbar) and much much closer to Cag de Oro City….right?

  7. Ang ganda ang linaw ng tubig at ang buhangib napaka white its like bora na. Bagong kaibigan here at napindot kuna rin lahat ng dapat pindutin


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