All Samsung Galaxy Phones: Enable USB Debugging Mode (Developer Options Menu)


Here is a tutorial on how to enable USB debugging mode on all Samsung Galaxy smartphones. In order to turn on USB debugging mode you need to first enable developer options mode!

Androids have a hidden menu called developer options because it is mainly used for developers for debugging over usb, capturing error reports and can show cpu usage similar to the task manager in Windows computer and much much more.

But there is one feature within developer options that even the average Android user would like to access and its called USB debugging mode. The USB debugging mode would have to be enabled if you are using certain software on your computer and it needs to connect to your Android device via USB cable connection. For instance i just used an application called mobiletrans on my computer to transfer all my photos and videos from my iPhone to my Android phone but in order for the software to connect to my Andriod it will ask me to enable debugging mode to proceed.

Some other common reasons you would want to enable debugging mode is if you want to root or install a ROM on your Android device. Here is a link of some good info and informs you of all the settings available:

Hope this helps!

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  1. HI I have a Question. I format my phone and after that the Ultra USB drive can't recognize on my phone. how can i fix that ?

  2. I have a Samsung M40 mobile that was not also detecting any type C USB…The original one got damaged and no new adaptor or headphone is being detected. Tried your protocol- did not work even…any solution for my problem…I will be obliged

  3. Sir when i press the developer number several time then its need pin but i don't know what is the pin..??

  4. Sir when i press the developer number several time then its need pin but i don't know what is the pin..??

  5. Hi… Even after on usb debugging.. My phone is not connecting to laptop.. Checked my USB cable by connecting other phone to laptop… It's connecting.. But not samsung c5

  6. hey i did everything you did but its not conneting to my laptop can we have chat call on skype or something i really need this

  7. Thanks for the clear advice, steps worked well….except, phone now shows in explorer but won't display files, right clicking to import flags saying no files found?? Any ideas? Many thanks

  8. You are amazing. I was so frustrated (installing Vysor) until I watched this easy to follow video. Thank you for making my day!!!!! I'm one of the many teachers trying to figure out how to teach all online for the next 6 weeks. Thank you!!!!!


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