🐷 Laying Down Some Roads | Don't Starve Hamlet Early Access Gameplay | Part 23


Don’t Starve Hamlet returns with the Aporkalypse Update! We’re going to be starting a new world as WX-78 and using my overcharged speed to conquer the pig kingdom! This is part 23 of this gameplay series.

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Mods used:
Minimap HUD (
Geometric Placement (
Combined Status (
Finder (
Instant Drop (

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Don’t Starve: Hamlet is an adventure indie simulation video game developed and published by Klei Entertainment. It entered beta on the 15th of October 2018 and Early Access on the 8th of November 2018.

Nguồn: https://chototdayroi.com

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  1. I remember a mod for DST called Idea Tester, and one of the options was a double-click Telepoof for The Lazy Explorer. There might be something similar for singleplayer.

  2. You should have used the nightmare fuel at the end's well so it will give 1-3 purple gems which can be sold to the banker for 10 oinc

  3. you can teleport now from one Island to another xD btw you can hit with the cane. ist not loosing durability. ist 17 Damage. ive in dst a mod called advanced controls. you can Change Settings with it so you have to doubleclick for teleport. very cool. i misclicked all the time

  4. you can cheese refilling your lanterns by key to the city > crafting the lamp > hammer it down to get a 100% filled lantern
    well if you use lanterns of course lol

  5. I think there needs to be a ruin where you can reset all the other ruins, for renewable purposes. (RoG pseudoscience station reusable).

  6. For infinite source of rocks, irone and flint you should gather the gnats on your head after destroying their homes at the dusk and head back to the city near any lamp post they will leave you and go to the lamp post(now it's the best opportunity while you not overcharged) and you can farm them every two days I belive. The only problem I noticed is that if you mined their homes at the day time they will try to head back to the painted turf boime, I tried to dig the painted turf before and it do the same thing you said it disappeared. (to put it near the gnat to stop their migrating) I hope they fix that bug and that helps and sorry for the long massage 😅

  7. Demon, you should also look into the Recipes of hamlet since there’s something that boosts speed even more u do need Pikos for it

  8. What i suggest as a guy who doesnt have the game and that played it 2 times. You should farm purple gems with the fountain wheres the aporkalypes clock. Also you should get the gold dust from rocks you chiseled that gave you 2 gold. To get gold dust mine that rock aka. Figures so when you get 3 gold dust feed it to the gold ant eater or whatever his name is and he will pop a gold dust


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